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Determining the cabling for network systems can rely on a number of factors but there are four that rank at the very top of the list. The first is your existing bandwidth needs; the second, your network environment; third, your anticipated bandwidth and fourth, your budget. Answering each factor thoroughly (rather than relying on an “educated guesstimate”) will keep your business from experiencing an installation nightmare.
Bandwidth requirements can vary based on the size of the network. Obviously, a dozen or so workstations will require a lower bandwidth than a network needing to support a hundred or more. But it’s not only that. Be sure to account for the type and volume of data your network will be supporting. For instance, will your company be doing a lot of graphic design or video editing–or simple document work? Do not forget to factor in the future expansion of your business as this will determine your bandwidth needs as well. It is always cheaper to modify or upgrade cabling for network systems than it is to replace it once it no longer meets the demands of your company.
Cabling for network systems needs to be compatible with the network environment it will be installed in. Though the choice is usually between copper and fiber optic cabling, there are certain environments where one choice is better than the other. Sometimes, fiber optic cabling just won't work for some networks. Likewise, there are environments where copper cabling is not the best idea.
Budgeting for cabling for network systems has no magic number to go with it; however, the old adage “you get what you pay for” needs to ring loud and clear. Though it is smart to get several quotes, this is simply one area where you do not want to skimp and go with the lowest possible bidder. You want a knowledgeable and experienced data and cabling contractor who knows everything there is to know about cabling for network systems and who will do everything right the first time.
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